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Free up 15+ hours a month on with Fractional HR services 

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Your business is small, maybe a startup and although you don’t have a ton of employees, you know that even one means legal things you have to be aware of.


You aren’t an HR professional by trade so you have no idea where to start. You could hire someone in-house to handle HR, but you doubt there is enough work for a full-time person and the idea of more payroll is not very appealing.

Human Resources is an area that startups and small businesses can find great benefit from outsourcing, especially early on or if they plan to stay small.

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  • Complete Legal Compliance (including ongoing updates)

  • Benefit Administration

  • Payroll Administration

  • Prevailing Wage Tracking and Reporting

  • Employee Relations

  • Unlimited HR Questions and Advice

  • Time Off Tracking

  • Grievance Hotline

  • Recruiting and Hiring

Things we can help with 

Services designed with you in mind 

Rather than force clients into paying for services they do not need, we offer outsourcing services a la carte. This allows businesses to choose the HR services they need.

We serve as an extension of the leadership team and are as involved as the business wants us to be.


Each business has a dedicated resource, but that resource has an entire HR team supporting them. Working with us offers small businesses the opportunity to have an entire HR team at a fraction of the cost.

California may be the toughest state in the country to operate a business from a people perspective. Founder Sabrina Baker, lives and works in California.


Additionally, many of the consultants that work with Acacia HR Solutions are experts in California and other difficult to navigate states such as New York, New Jersey and Illinois.

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