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How it all started 

Founded in 2011 after CEO, Sabrina Baker experienced a layoff while on
maternity leave, Acacia HR Solutions focuses exclusively in the small
business space. Working with businesses up to 500 employees, Acacia HR
Solutions, and it's hotline service, My HR Expert, service offerings cover
the full employee life cycle from recruiting to offboarding.

The company has grown to six employees and works with clients
throughout the US. Our consultants have at least a decade of in-house
experience before transitioning to consulting and are certified and
bilingual (Spanish).

Meet our founder 


I would love to tell you that I started this business because I saw a need in the small business HR space that I knew I could fill. It would be nice to hear that I have been passionate about helping startups and starting my own firm to do so for my entire adult life.


But I would be lying.

"I started this business for me…and my family."

After my layoff, and with a 3 month old at home, I had some hard decisions to make. Do I take time off and be mom for a while? Do I work part-time? Do I jump right back into full time work? Decisions all new parents make I think, but most get to make those decisions on their own terms. Quitting a job so they can stay home or dropping down to part-time after a while because they decide it helps them better manage their family life.

I was forced to make the decision.

In my short-time from being laid off and starting this business (less than a year) I learned some hard truths about job seeker stigmas. Specifically, those individuals who had taken time off and were re-entering the workforce.

I went on an interview 3 months after being laid off. Three months. The interviewer acted as though I had been out for 20 years. She asked me what I had been doing to keep my skills relevant. I asked her what she thought had changed in Human Resources in three months. I didn’t get the job.

Realizing that I was fighting an uphill battle in re-entering the workforce after even a few months off and truly wanting to better balance my work and personal life in a way that a traditional 8-5 would not afford, I started the business.

And now I’m determined to build it through the same type of people.

“We have a word for racial discrimination and discrimination based on age, but not for the treatment of people whose abilities are discredited because they decided to focus on their personal life for a few years. These are exactly the people I want to hire. They want to re-enter the workforce and are thrilled to be able to do so while still managing things personally. They are motivated and I’ll take motivation over no gaps on a resume any day.”


Sabrina Baker, Founder / CEO

What Sets Us Apart

Our values 

We are business-minded, understanding the business as well as the internal executive team, ensuring we pull the right levers to achieve business goals. We are hands-on, working directly with leaders and employees not as an external resource, but as a trusted advisor and partner.


We are employee advocates, balancing employee needs and business goals by ensuring supportive programs are in place. We solve the right problem by asking the right questions, getting to the core of real people issues, and providing effective solutions.

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