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We believe in the power of human potential to drive business success. Founded with a vision to revolutionize the way startups and small businesses navigate the complexities of human resources, we stand as your premier HR partner, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to fuel your growth journey.

Our most comprehensive service. Fractional HR Support provides in-house HR expertise, externally delivered.

Fractional HR Support

Fractional HR Help

Our offerings encompass the complete employee life cycle, allowing us to manage a diverse range of HR-related projects.

HR Project Support 

HR Project Help

Streamlined payroll solutions working with the systems you currently have in place. Your staff, paid accurately and on time, every time.

 Payroll Support

Payroll consulting


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Tailored HR Support for Small Business Success

Group training, individual coaching, team building and conflict resolution. Our L&D offerings ensure your employees are all moving in the same direction.

Leadership and Employee Development 

We can deliver our services in Spanish to cater to the needs of your Spanish-speaking employees.

Servicios En Español

Navigating HR Regulations for your Peace of Mind

We keep up with legal HR Compliance laws so you don't have to!

State Laws 

Our HR Experts keep loop you into all the new developments in HR, so you can stay ahead of the curb in case of an audit. We are here to help 


Decrease Mistakes 

When you have a major compliance case on your hands, the only thing between you and an expensive lawsuit is a quialifed HR Expert. 

Our Payroll Experts have payroll compliance down to a science! Let us take the payroll burder off your plate.  

Pay your people right, or pay the cost

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  • What HR services do you offer?
    Understanding that no two small businesses are the same, we offer solutions tailored to your specific need. From fractional HR support, where we become your in-house HR team to an advice only hotline, we have a service to fit any startup or small business.
  • How can your HR solutions benefit my startup/small business?
    Strong HR strategy is a key differentiator in small business recruiting, morale and loyalty. Our solutions ensure HR compliance, infrastructure and strategy are in place and grow with your business. We help you navigate the people side of the business to mitigate risk and drive development.
  • Are your HR people outsourced?
    Nope! All of our HR Humans are in house and are based here in the U.S.
  • Do you customize your HR services to fit our company's specific needs?
    YES! Our fractional support services are open scope meaning that all tasks associated with HR can be handled by our firm and changed at any time based on the needs of the business.
  • Can you help with recruitment and talent acquisition?
    YES! Our staff all have 10+ years of experience in recruiting, employee branding and onboarding.
  • What expertise do you have in HR compliance and risk management?
    We bring over 2 decades of experience navigating HR compliance especially in tough states such as California. One of our first tasks when onboarding a new client is an HR audit to identify risks and solutions to remedy.
  • How do you handle employee onboarding and development?
    We work with clients to build out a comprehensive onboarding experience that starts at the time of offer and ensures employees feel invested, appreciated and respected from day one. We work with leaders to understand the types of training and development that is beneficial to each position and build out training plans accordingly. Our CEO is a master trainer in leadership development and is certified in Myers Briggs and Hogan personality indicators. Her expertise allows us to offer development services across all levels of the organization.
  • What sets your payroll support services apart from others?
    Outsourced payroll is typically very transactional. Your organization is required to move to the provider’s payroll system and you are not in control of the data being processed. We work within your systems and directly with managers and employees just as an in-house payroll practitioner would. Employees can come directly to us with payroll questions. Our experts can identify risks, help manage cash flow and suggest solutions for a streamline payroll process.
  • Do you offer ongoing support for employee relations and engagement?
    Under our fractional HR support services, we serve as a seamless member of your HR or leadership team. This means that employees interact with us directly. We have vetted processes for measuring employee engagement and creating programs that ensure high levels of communication and interaction with employees.
  • What is the process for getting started with your HR outsourcing and consulting firm?
    The first step is a video meeting with our CEO, Sabrina Baker. She will ask questions to learn about your business and share what solutions we may provide that fit your needs. After that meeting, she will send a proposal laying out at least two different options for working with us. While Sabrina will not be the team member you work with should you sign on with us, you can meet those team members throughout the process should you wish to do so.
  • How can we contact your team for further inquiries or assistance?
    You can set up time with Sabrina directly or call 877.829.6947 (MYHR).
  • What is the difference between Fractional Help and HR Project support?
    Fractional HR Help is a tailor made solution designed to help small business get a handle on their HR. We take over 100%, or a portion of the HR work. With a fractional HR Help plan, we ask that your small business commits to a certain amount of hours per week / month in order to ensure we reach your HR goals. HR Project Support is designed to help you out with HR related projects that you don't have time to work on, that ONLY an qualified HR person can handle. i.e. Employee Handbooks, compensation strategy, HR tech implementation etc.

Hiring Acacia to spend a day with our key employees going over their Myers Briggs results had a big impact on the operation of our business and continues to pay dividends even now 6 months later.  It provided us new tools to communicate and understand each other, and when we understand each other better we are more helpful and patient with each other. That translates into an improved working environment with greater team synchronization, and that is worth a whole lot of money for us. Sarah Prince, Partner, United Agencies Inc.

Sarah Prince 

United Agencies INC

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