What started as a blog to remain relevant after being laid off, turned into a business.

You never think about your story until you are asked to share it. That line sums up how this business came to be….and I think it’s pretty cool. Let me share it with you.

After spending 11 years in corporate human resource roles I went on maternity leave in 2010. Two weeks before I was supposed to return, my boss called to tell me I had been laid off. Ouch. Here I was with a three month old and no job. I had no idea what to do next. I knew that I wanted to work, but also wanted to be able to balance being mom and employee. As I always tell people when I’m sharing my story….

I have a ton of respect for stay-at-home moms, but I know that if I were a stay-at-home mom, I would not be a good mom.

I did take a bit of time after the layoff and used that time to volunteer with local job search groups and local small business groups. During that time I also started this blog because I knew I needed a way to prove to any hiring manager that I still knew how to do HR and Recruiting even though I had been off a few months (a ridiculous idea by the way that someone can lose all their skills in a few months, but I digress).

It was through those volunteer efforts that a marketing maven and small business coach said, “You know, you’ve really got something here that could make you very successful on your own.”

I hadn’t even thought about that. Going out on my own was scary and seemed bigger than me. However, it would allow me to balance my family with working.

Long story short. I did it. I decided to start my own consulting business that focused on small businesses and allowed me to pursue what I call passion projects such as helping job seekers (especially veterans and their families).

About the Name:
I have to tell you that coming up with the company name was hard. I am not creative and didn’t really want the name to just be my name. Someone suggested SB & Associates and I remember thinking “What associates? I have no associates.” When I first opened the business the idea was that I would provide services that covered the entire employee life cycle. Employees, like trees, go through seasons and I felt confident that I could help a business create strategies for whatever portion of the employee life cycle they were focused on. The thought of trees led me to the name of the street I grew up on (and where my parents still live) which also happens to be the name of a tree – Acacia.

And Acacia HR Solutions was born. I figure if I ever end up on Oprah it will make a great rags to riches story.

Years later the business is thriving and I am doing what I love while still balancing my family. That little boy I held in my arms while hearing that I was laid off is in school now and I love that I can stop working in the afternoon, pick him up from school and hear about his day. He likes that too.

That’s my story. I would love to hear yours. One thing that my blog subscribers and clients always say about me (bragging ahead, proceed with caution) is that I’m highly accessible. You don’t have to be a paying client to reach out. We don’t have to have some in depth relationship for you to be able to call me. I welcome all contacts to either connect with me on social media or directly using the phone or email at the top of this page. Even though the business is up and running, I still feel like I’m trying to figure this out. I love connecting with others who inspire me and challenge me to be better. I bet that’s you.

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