Unfortunately there is a lot of bait and switch that happens in the recruiting space. I’ve written about it before. One of the most common things happening today is with companies wanting to use social media to find top talent, but then having a social media policy that blocks all usage.

A few months ago I was in a client’s office working and tried to access their Facebook page to see how we could better leverage it for recruiting. I couldn’t. When I asked my client about it, he explained that “corporate” blocked all social media websites except LinkedIn. When I asked who ran their social media pages he told me that it was an outside company and that no person inside the organization could change or add anything.

He then explained how the executives didn’t think social media was adding any value. I wonder why?

I have chatted with countless HR professionals who want to incorporate social media into their recruiting strategy and when I ask them about internal social policies, they are on lock down. One HR professional was even the driving force behind her companies strict social media policy. She and I went around and around for two hours on why social recruiting without actually being social was a bad idea. I finally got her to understand my point when I told her that by recruiting them socially but then not allowing them to be social once on board is basically saying that once they are an employee of yours, you can no longer trust them. People who find jobs socially, want to continue to be social.

So before looking at adding social recruiting to your mix, think about your internal employees and what they are allowed to do on social media and only do that much. Do not give candidates the impression that social is a part of your game if it really isn’t.

And here is some bonus info. Once you get the social policy cleaned up, work on your careers website first. I was going to write an entire post on this but see Jessica already did it here. She is also conducting a webinar soon that I’m sure will provide amazing info.

Be open to internal social media usage, work on your careers website AND THEN you are ready to actually start recruiting socially. Skip steps and your strategy will fail.