Get this sample human resource management internal audit report pdf and formatted compliance process checklist template for your HR department.

At its core, human resource management is a tactical function that was created to ensure compliance. Without diving too much into the history, the action of governments creating laws for employers to follow, created a need for a role within every company to ensure the law was being followed. Enter human resource professionals. Decades later, ensuring legal compliance is still a majority component of all human resource management professionals job description.

Whenever we take on a new outsourcing client, we go through an HR audit process with them. This allows us to identify areas of legal concern that we need to rectify immediately or face further risk. But our audit is more. Over the years we have developed an HR audit checklist that covers more than just compliance.

Since human resources is now more than just a compliance function, our HR audit questionnaire covers all areas regardless of whether they have legal concerns or not. We believe that a thorough HR audit process leaves the auditor with a roadmap that can help them set goals and establish areas of focus. It should highlight any gaping holes in their overall HR process and establish a process for filling them.

Download our 2018 HR Audit Checklist Now!

We offered a Human Resource Audit download in 2015 and it has been one of our most downloaded forms. We knew that it needed to be updated and have done so for 2018. The format is a bit different and hopefully easier to navigate. In addition, we know that many of our readers are not HR practitioners by trade. They may be office managers or CFO’s who have other responsibilities. HR terms and processes are a bit foreign to them. For those individuals, we didn’t feel right about just giving a download and wishing them luck.

So here’s what we’ve come up with.

Along with the download you will receive a series of emails helping you work through the audit. I promise this won’t be an inbox inundating series of emails that offer no value or only try to sell our services. We have packed as much info into as few emails as possible and there isn’t a sales pitch among them.

We wanted to keep the actual HR audit checklist as simple and user friendly as possible, however, we realize that some may not fully understand all of the terms or areas discussed. After the initial download, individuals will have the opportunity to download other documents that help better explain each area.

Finally, and maybe the most beneficial offering, individuals who download the audit will have the opportunity to contact us for a “what would you do” guide. Here’s how this works. After the HR audit process has been finished, an area of concern is identified. That area could fall in any facet of HR: compliance, recruiting, training and development etc. It’s not an area of expertise for you and you aren’t sure where to go from here. Well, we have ideas for you. Send us your area of concern and we’ll send you a detailed report of how we might go about fixing that area. As in, we will tell you exactly what we would do. You know your business best so our ideas may not be an exact fit for what you need, but chances are good they will set you off in the right direction or, at the very least, give you ideas for moving forward.

We believe our human resources audit checklist is a valuable document for auditing your internal HR processes. We know that doing so on a regular basis is vital to mitigating risk, establishing effective policies and procedures and creating effective HR strategy. But it does one more thing that you may not realize.

It helps HR professionals establish a plan for getting out of the weeds.

The “weeds” as we describe them, are the everyday HR needs that bog you down. They are the compliance issues that should be easy, but aren’t. The policies that actually make life harder instead of easier. The issues that crop up over and over crippling practitioners from being able to move beyond anything other than just staying afloat. In startup and small business HR, practitioners often feel as though they can barely get their head above water. Often, the reasons for that are actually more in their control than they realize.

Starting with a strong HR audit checklist template (download here) and answering the follow up questions that we mentioned in last week’s post provides HR professionals a birds eye view of what is holding them down. Beyond what is legal, this is the area that you should dial in on. As a practitioner who may be stuck in the weeds, look at what is holding you down and make a commitment in 2018 to get out from underneath it.

Even in businesses where the HR processes seem to be buttoned up, conducting an HR audit on a regular basis is still a good idea. Ensuring that you are compliant on any new laws and seeing if there are areas that could be improved, even if running well now, is never a bad idea.

One last note to those who feel they are stuck in the weeds. It may be hard to see how you can get out of them when you are in them. For this reason, we hope you will download the checklist and then take advantage of our “what would you do” offering. Sometimes, getting an outside perspective can help see what you aren’t seeing.

For those who would prefer an outside perspective over the entire process, we can act as your HR auditor. The process is painless and can be conducted over the course of just a few weeks. At the end you receive an HR audit report that details areas of concerns and ideas for next steps. Our process requires minimal time on your part as we do all the heavy lifting. If you are interested in more detail about how that works, please reach out to Sabrina directly.

We know you will find our HR Audit Checklist helpful and are looking forward to helping you implement more streamlined HR processes in 2018.


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