Deeper Understanding of Personality Creates More Effective Teams

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) has been administered by professionals world wide for decades. The ability to better understand one’s innate preferences is powerful. Perhaps even more powerful, is understanding the innate personality preferences of those around you.

Especially in a work setting.

Acacia HR Solutions founder Sabrina Baker is a MBTI Certified Practitioner. Certified practitioners have gone through training to help them properly administer and interpret the MBTI assessment. With this assessment, she creates workshops for teams who want to understand personality type in an effort to work better together.

Basic Workshop

In this initial 4-hour workshop, team members are walked through the components of personality type and the differences between each. Participants identify their personality type and what that means for the way they work. Activities geared towards helping team members understand the differences between them and how they can work better together round out the day.

After teams have gone through the initial 4-hour workshop they may decide they want to dig deeper into personality type and how it can be used in their workplace. Customized workshops based upon goal can be created to help team member achieve greater understanding of type, type under stress, type in leadership or other information of interest to the organization.

Myers Briggs is an amazing tool for small teams and startups whose stability and longevity are dependent upon working better together. To inquire about our rates for the basic half day workshop or to ask about a customized training based on Myers Briggs, please fill out the contact form below.