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Companies who invest in ongoing training and development have an easier time attracting, engaging and retaining high potential employees.

Discover effective HR employee training processes and development programs.

According to Gallup, only 31.9% of American workers feel engaged at their current workplace. In fact, multiple surveys suggest that many workers are physically present at work, but have mentally checked out. Workers taking up space, but completely disengaged from the work at hand does not make for a productive environment.

Much less one that is on a growth trajectory.

There are multiple ways to impact employee engagement. One of the most effective is through training and development. Employees who feel as though their employer is making an investment in them by providing them opportunities to further their knowledge and grow their career are more likely to remain loyal and engaged.

Further, employees and leaders who receive ongoing development are more likely to fully understand and be able to execute the company’s values and mission. This is crucial for the longevity of any business.

Our Solutions

Leadership Development: While overall employee engagement sits at 31.9%, the most engaged employees are the businesses leaders. We believe that not only are they the most engaged, but that they are the ones most capable of affecting engagement in others, for better or worse. We offer leadership development programs designed to help leaders better understand their role and their responsibility as a leader.

Sabrina Baker, SHRM-CP, PHR is certified to administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Tool (MBTI). Click to find out about team building workshop using the MBTI tool.

Front line Supervisor Training Many front-line supervisors are stepping into a leadership role for the very first time. For those who have been promoted from within, making the transition from peer to supervisor may prove difficult. We offer training that provides those first time leaders with guidance on how to make that transition and the main responsibilities that comes with being a leader.

Annual Compliance Training Topics Several states now require annual compliance training around issues such as anti-harassment, ethics and diversity. Holding this training annually ensures individuals know how to handle sensitive situations that may occur in the workplace.

Customized Solutions We realize that every business is different. Training and development can cover many topics and we are happy to customize a solution that best fits your needs.

Our Delivery

The best facilitation is conducted face to face. While we know that, we also know that for most companies, that is simply not realistic. The majority of our training is conducted via webinar which allows employees to join the meeting from wherever makes the most sense for them. Additionally, clients receive a recorded copy of the training to share with employees who could not attend. These webinars can be delivered via the client’s own webinar service or ours. We are also open to other methods of delivering training and would be happy to discuss what makes the most sense for your business.

If your business has made a commitment to training and development we want to help. If you would be interested in finding out more about one of our training offerings fill in the info below and we will send you information right away.

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