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Human resource professionals need to read blogs, attend events and converse with people who challenge their way of thinking about the way we work. If there is one glaring truth I have learned since being laid off, starting my own business and managing several different kinds of HR events, it is this.

We get stuck in ruts.

When DISRUPTHR came onto the scene several years ago I was intrigued by the idea of an event that in short bursts of information did just that. Challenged the way we think about HR. What’s more, I love that it isn’t just for HR professionals. All business leaders can get something out of these talks. I would argue that some of the topics are designed for them directly.

When I moved to Los Angeles there wasn’t a DISRUPTHR chapter. There was interest in starting one in Orange County and so I volunteered to help organize that and spoke at the first one. One request that came out of that event over and over was to host a similar event in Los Angeles.

Because if you live in LA or OC, you know that crossing county lines into the other is not something anyone wants to do.

We held our first Los Angeles events in 2016. The buzz around the event has been very positive. We held an event in 2017 and are now gearing up for our first 2018 event.

Once you do a few events like this you learn a few things. We have learned about timing of the event and how many speakers are a good number. We’ve learned about ambience and how to better partner with vendors who want to help us put these events together.

And we’ve learned what topics attendees crave.

Like culture. The buzzword that isn’t a buzzword. The elicit elephant in the room that everyone is trying to define. A holy grail goal to emulate companies like Zappos or Google. A word that is spoken every day in HR and leadership circles everywhere.

For our first event in 2018 we are going to explore this topic.

We are currently accepting speaker applications for this event who want to explore this idea of culture. The one thing we find most valuable is when speakers have opposing views. Do you think culture is bunk and we should stop talking about it? We want to hear from you. Have you experienced a business boost from a focus on culture? Would love to hear that topic as well. We would also love to hear from business leaders on their ideas around cultures. Like I said, the event is titled DISRUPTHR but the only way to truly disrupt is to get outside perspectives.

Of course we could never pull off any event without the help of our amazing partners. The wonderful group at Haworth is partnering with us for the second time. Their office in downtown LA is a perfect location for any event. Boasting 360 degree views of Los Angeles it is a showroom for all of their stylish and comfortable office furniture. There will be more to come about Haworth and other partners in a post closer to our next event date.

Our goal this year is to reach as many leaders in the Los Angeles area who need a little disruption in the way they think about employee related topics. We would love to see HR professionals bring their entire leadership team. Major change happens when multiple people are on board so what better way to start re-imagining HR than by involving other business leaders.

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