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Our offerings encompass the complete employee life cycle, allowing us to manage a diverse range of HR-related projects.

Support for all your HR Projects 

Our consultants specialize in U.S. law, with expertise in states such as California, New Jersey, and Illinois.

We offer flat fee pricing so you know what you are paying up front. We can act as project managers or as an extension of your in-house HR team.

HR Project Examples 

From job descriptions to creating or revamping performance management systems, we offer services that cover the full employee life cycle. We have been working with small businesses long enough to understand their unique needs and create project plans we can implement quickly and seamlessly.

Employee Hadbook

Employee handbooks are the backbone of consistent HR practices. Whether you are creating your first handbook or updating an existing document, we can help ensure legal compliance as well as deliver a handbook that allows you to be consistent but flexible.

Compensation Strategy

Deciding how much to pay employees, how to structure bonus or commission programs or how often to offer pay increases can be a daunting task for growing businesses. Our experts conduct analysis specific to your geographical region, industry, and competitors to help you create a compensation strategy that motivates employees while making financial sense for the business.

TECH Implentations 

We are experts at finding technology solutions with little to no budget and scarce resources. We leverage readily available technology to help businesses streamline and automate everyday processes. For businesses purchasing HR technology, we can serve as a project manager to ensure a smooth implementation.

Our clients work in all industries across the globe

Our clients work in all industries across the globe. They range in size from 10-500 employees. Clients choose us because of our extensive experience with startups and small businesses and because of our vast network of HR professionals worldwide. This network allows us to gather data or best practices others could not. It also allows us to call on expertise we may need to ensure your project is handled the best way possible.

We have experts who operate in many of the toughest US states to have employees: California, New York, New Jersey and Illinois. We also have experts in Government contracts and the prevailing wage payroll reporting that goes along with that.

The best way to understand how we can help with your HR project, is to set up time with CEO, Sabrina Baker to discuss your needs. You can choose a time that makes sense for you on her calendar.

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