Our clients will tell you that thinking big means creating an HR strategy that grows with your business. Many small business leaders want to ensure they are legally compliant, but big thinking companies think beyond the legal aspect of what it means to be an employer.

Big thinking companies think about:

How to create a culture they are proud of
How to continually develop employees who support business growth
How the company will grow year over year
What positions they will need to support that growth

They want to be compliant but they also want to build programs attract, train and retain the best talent. They know they need to keep their business legal, but they want to go above and beyond to provide a great place to work. They may be small but their plans are not.

Our Clients

Our clients are typically small to medium sized businesses. We offer month-to-month outsourcing services that cover employers with less than 100 employees. These companies may not have a need for full time human resources support, but still need an HR strategy. With these clients we work directly with the CEO or CFO and seamlessly integrate as an employee of the business. Once a business grows beyond 100 employees, we find that it’s time to hire a full time employee to handle the day to day HR tasks.

Our clients who have more than 100 employees call on us to provide supplemental HR support or strategy in the areas of training and development (for both employees and leaders), HR strategy (succession planning for example) or recruiting strategy (typically social media or veteran hiring platforms). With these clients we work as an extension of the HR staff, usually in conjunction with the HR Director or Manager. These services are customized to business need to ensure our clients receive the best solution for their situation.

Regardless of size, we find that our best partnerships occur when the business wants just that, a partner. While we can write a handbook and administer benefits and do nothing in between, a business’s time and money is better spent using us a complete partner in their talent management needs.

If you are a small business who thinks big and needs and HR partner to do the same, you might just be who we’ve been looking for.

For more information or to find out if our services are right for you, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page or call 847.893.9756.