Continuing down my year of “whose life am I living?”, I’ll be attending my first WorkHuman Regional Forum next week in Los Angeles (Orange County to be exact) at the amazing Pelican Hill Resort. Not only am I attending, but they trusted me enough to speak. I’m super excited.

I will be speaking about people-centric workplaces. Ones who put employees right up there in importance with their customers – if not above. Ones who do more than say they are a great place to work, but who actually are. Ones who build programs that motivate and inspire rather than denigrate. Ones who know that their only chance of long term success lies within every person they employ and act accordingly.

Unfortunately they are few and far between. I believe Globoforce is one of those companies and I’m excited to spend the day with them to get that message out. I will upload my slides to slideshare/LinkedIn after the event.

In May I will be attending their annual WorkHuman conference. I mentioned before how honored I am to be attending this event. Everyone who has attended this conference tells me it’s one of the best so I can not wait to see it for myself. They just added former First Lady Michelle Obama to the speaker lineup.

There is still time to attend both of these events. To attend the WorkHuman conference in Phoenix, you can register here. Use my code: WH17INF-SBA to save off the registration rate.

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