rewards and recognition

When it comes to rewards and recognition programs, especially in a small business, it is important to not overlook low hanging fruit. With minimal budgets and resources, robust rewards and recognition programs may be out of reach, but often, simple recognition can have a big impact.

Like recognizing a birthday.

Or a work anniversary.

Or an important life milestone outside of work (new baby, new degree, finally paid off student loans).

It may not seem like much to bring in a birthday cake once a month and recognize all employees who have a birthday, but it is. I had a conversation with a client once about how recognizing birthdays felt trite to them. I get how it can feel that way to the employer, but I’ve never heard an employee complaining about their birthday or some other life event being recognized.

I’ve also never heard of them complaining when they get the day off for their birthday. Low hanging fruit, big impact.

The point is we often think we have to implement the biggest and most exciting plans for rewards to actually work. We don’t. Small recognition is enough as long as we are consistent, offer some type of token (food, especially birthday cake, is always motivating) and the intention is good.

Don’t overlook the power of this. Don’t think it’s too small to work. Make it a habit and employees will be appreciative even of the smallest of gestures.

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