Finding Talent is a Struggle Many Businesses Deal With

Unless you are Google, Apple, Zappos or any of the businesses consistently listed in the Top Places to Work, finding talent is probably a struggle at one point or another. Whether it be a assembler, accountant or COO, recruiting requires strategy.

We Create Strategy

While our recruiters can certainly find the talent for you, you might benefit more if we show you how to do it yourself. Businesses, especially small businesses spend a lot of money on outside agency help. We believe there are times when it is necessary to get that help. We also believe that if businesses knew what the agencies knew, they could find the talent themselves and save a ton of money.

Here’s How This Works

You find yourself in one of three positions:
You have a position(s) that are continually hard to fill
You know your recruiting methods are outdated and you need to have a social presence
You want (or are required by law) to look at a very specific recruiting pipeline such as veterans or those with disabilities

We help by either acting as a third party recruiter and filling the position for you or by working with you to create a strategy to fill the position yourself. Not only do we help build the strategy, but we also train on any missing links that your recruiting staff or hiring managers may have. This strategy creation could include all parts of the recruiting process such as sourcing, interviewing and onboarding. We also provide interview training for leaders who may be unsure of how to ask the right questions that helps them identify the best candidate.

So if you are looking for help leveraging social media, want to create a veteran hiring program or just need one off help filling that hard to fill role, we can help.

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