what motivates employees

Motivation and Misunderstanding

I contend that one of the greatest epidemics facing business leaders today is the misnomer that they understand what motivates their employees. Or better yet, that they think there is one definitive answer for every one.

There isn’t. You will not convince me otherwise.

This lady says she has it figured out. Meaningful work, that is what motivates employees. While I’m sure that is very true for some, I have worked with people enough to know that there are some who just want a paycheck and will find their meaning in other parts of their life.

This infographic tells us that a simple checklist leads to motivation. Again, just not sure I agree that we can blanket our entire employee population into those who are motivated by words of affirmation.

I’m definitely inline with this article which clearly states there is no one thing and that everyone is different. While there may be groups of people who are motivated by the same thing, there isn’t one answer for everyone.

So How Do You Know What Motivates Employees

One of the biggest accomplishments any leader can do is figure this out. One way is to read articles like the ones above and assume you know. Another is to simply ask, but then you have the whole problem of them waiting for you to act on what they tell you and we all know that could be a problem.

Or there is this. The idea that your employees are already telling you what motivates them by the information they share online. I’m sure you’ve heard of big data. What if you could leverage it to figure out what motivates employees?

So that’s what I’m working on today. Thinking about what motivates employees. Pondering how my clients can leverage the data they have to figure it out and then implement something that works. It’s a little mind bending, but really fun to think about.

What are you working on?
what motivates employees

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