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My Two Most Recommended Sites for Mobile Recruiting

The majority of my clients are small to mid-size businesses. They either do not have any full-time HR support or they have a sole practitioner who handles everything. Due to their size, human resource management has not really been a priority before my arrival. They rarely have a handbook much less think about things like mobile recruiting.

Many times these businesses think that things like mobile recruiting are out of reach for them because the cost to do so is out of their budget. Many of them do not have applicant tracking systems and their websites may or may not have a careers page. If it does, it shares a minimum of information and offers an email address to send in your resume.

One of the things I love about working with these type of clients is that the smallest solution that can make their lives easier and make them feel like they are keeping up with current trends makes them very happy.

Often when we talk about recruiting strategies, they are amazed to hear about two mobile recruiting solutions that are within reach for their budget. While there are many solutions out there, these happen to be the two I offer up the most. Mostly because I interact with their teams online and have seen results from using their services myself.

For those of us who hang in social circles on a daily basis, neither of these will be ground breaking new sites you have never heard of before. But your not my target audience with this post.

The two solutions are SmartRecruiters and Work4.

SmartRecruiters is the applicant tracking system I use in my own business. Want to know why? It’s free. Yes, free. Of course, there are paid upgrades and not every solution you may need for your business is free, but at a basic level, free is cheap – as my husband says. From SmartRecruiters you are able to post jobs to job boards, create links to your website and anything you post is automatically mobile friendly. It is very user friendly and their tech support is always on top of it.

Work4 takes mobile recruiting and social recruiting through Facebook and meshes them together. We all know the value of using social media to find talent. For small businesses who do not feel they have the time necessary to engage talent the way they should online, Work4 offers an easy solution. Work4 also leverages referrals which can be invaluable for those hard to fill positions. Work4 is very cost effective and many of my small business clients have been very happy with their results.

As I stated earlier there are more sites that offer these or similar services, but these are the two I recommend the most. If you are a small or mid-size business and certainly if you are an HR sole practitioner looking for ways to leverage social and mobile recruiting, these two sites can help you tremendously.

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