Meet Me in New Orleans! SHRM 2017 PreviewOnce again this year I have the privilege of attending the national SHRM conference as a member of the blog team (squad, krewe, rift raft, whatever you want to call us). My responsibility as a member of this team is to write posts, share updates across social channels and make those not in attendance feel as though they are. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of this team and take the opportunity to share as much as I can while there very seriously.

Considering the niche I am in, I focus my conference experience on content that I find most valuable to small businesses. I try to attend sessions that I feel can apply to any size business or ones that are designed specifically for HR Departments of One. So outside of the general sessions, you can look for updates from me from sessions focused in this area.

Here on the blog we have some pretty cool updates planned leading up to the conference. We published one of two speaker interviews this past Tuesday and will be publishing another in a few weeks. We are also very excited to publish our first ever SHRM Small Business Session Guide. This guide will have our top picks for sessions designed specifically for small businesses.

The guide will be released to our blog subscribers on June 1st and to the public on June 8th.

Also this year I have the honor of joining the amazing speaker lineup on the Smart Stage. Smart Stage talks are 18 minutes in length and are Ted-esque in nature. My topic is Big HR for Small Business. Following my mantra that small businesses can do anything big businesses can do, I will be sharing ideas for accomplishing big business ideas in a small business environment. We will be talking about getting it all done, being everything to everyone and scaling projects to wow your executive team.

If you are attending the conference this year, I would love to meet you. Send me an email, a comment below, a tweet or however you prefer to reach out to let me know you are attending. Part of the fun of the conference is meeting online connections in person….even for this introvert.

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