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The Lack of Confidence Isn’t Coming From Our Peers

Fair warning: this post will use HR cliches like seat at the table and strategic HR. I apologize in advance but it’s necessary.

You see I’ve been talking to a lot of HR professionals over the last couple of weeks. I have caught up with former colleagues and made new acquaintances in my new hometown. As I’ve pondered those conversations one theme continues to plague my mind.

We are not a confident group.

I mean you certainly have confident HR professionals who are taking the world by storm, but as a lot, we seem to lack real confidence.

In our abilities

Our intelligence

Our business acumen

Our worth

We like to blame this on others. We say that we don’t have a seat at the table because we aren’t invited. We say we can’t do strategic things because the other leaders don’t see HR that way.

But I think that is all excuses.

We don’t take the seat at the table because we aren’t confident we have the right skills to be there. We don’t push strategic initiatives because we doubt our abilities to see them through. Our minds want us to do more but fear paralyzes us from actually doing it.

And I am typing these words as the Chief of confident lacking HR professionals.

But here is my vow for 2015 and my encouragement to you. If I do nothing else this year but help myself and other HR pro’s see that we have a right to be confident then I have accomplished all I need to. We should be confident.

In our abilities

Our intelligence

Our business acumen

Our worth

We have put in long hours, took the time to truly understand our business, learned new skills to roll with the changing times. We have great ideas. We can make an impact. We can be strategic and we can sit next to the CFO at that table and contribute just as much if not more.

I’m not normally a Ra-Ra, pump you up kind of girl, but hearing my colleagues doubt themselves has me fired up. We work hard. Really hard. Times are continuing to change and things are moving at lightening speed. In order to keep up we have no time for self-doubt.

We deserve to be where we are.

It’s a new year. Everyone is motivated to make it the best. What have you let self-doubt hold you back from doing as an HR professional? Get out of your head and get on with it. I know I’m going to.

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